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The Scientific Study of Gene War


In Honor of Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche

Mission Statement

The mission of the Research Institute of Genopolemology (RIG) is to unite polymaths in developing the subject of genopolemology with the objective of shedding light on a phenomenon that is entirely unresearched despite its ubiquity, consequentiality, and inevitability. This is the phenomenon of genetic warfare.

Conceptual License

The field of genopolemology is created and published under COSL.

Conceptual Open-Source License (COSL)

Introduction to Genopolemology


Genopolemology is an interdisciplinary subject which utilizes various concepts and tools (primarily) from the fields of:

  • Biology (genetics, evolution)
  • Anthropology (the history of gene war)
  • Evolutionary Psychology (sexual choice)
  • Neuroscience (mesocorticolimbic system)
  • Mathematics (calculus, game theory)
  • Economics (Walrasian theory)
  • Physics (classical mechanics)
  • Computer science (modeling)
  • Memetics (cultural evolution)

Thus, polymathy is a necessity for the development of genopolemology. All polymaths are encouraged to brainstorm and publish their ideas. Works of Apollonian speculation can be linked below. These articles will serve as the basis of RIG’s formal research papers which will analyze and falsify the ideas therein; these aristodemic papers will be published directly on the RIG website and will give full credit to the authors. To link your work, please visit RIG’s submissions page.

Disclaimer: authors are discouraged from expressing moral opinions and prescriptive statements, in their scientific articles. In the event that any such views are expressed in the articles below, the reader should be aware that these are solely the views of the author and are in no way reflective of the views of RIG.

Attractive Aristocrats

Genes & Mating Systems Simulator

This article, its sequel (The Science of Admixture), and its future sequels, collectively form a body of work referred to as Genetic Invasion Theory or GI Theory; it is the foundational theory of genopolemology.

King Harold

The Science of Admixture

Sexual competition is one avenue by which genetic clusters invade and dominate the other. Genetic clusters which reliably send out excess males to breed with females of different genetic clusters outcompete clusters who do not.


Genocentrism Is the Future

Any perspective which is founded on another is best understood from the lens of the parent perspective. Behaviors are phenotypes, and thus, the study of behavior must be rooted in biological reality.


Social Antler Theory

Social Antler Theory is not only the precise mechanism of human sexual selection, but it is also a unifying theory of sexual selection for any animal whose females sexually select the victors of male-male competition.


Maximum Memetic Diversity

A conceptual parallel to Professor Huang’s Maximum Genetic Diversity (MGD). Topics: Systems Complexity Axiom, MGD, Altruistic Matricide Hypothesis, Maximum Memetic Diversity, Proto-Semaglottic Hypothesis.


Religious Competition Simulator

A computer model for simulating the genetic changes of 19 competing religious tribes over multiple generations, given certain parameters. Topics: Master Tribe Theory, Social Antler Theory, social parasitism, dialectical geneticism.

Apollo Strikes Yahweh

Human Social Parasitism

A mechanistic analysis of social parasitism, its evolutionary origin, and proving its existence in human beings. Demonstrating the mechanism of its emergence from the preparasitic, autoparasitic, & finally the alloparasitic stage. 

Wrath of the Dominant Male

The Dependence Game (DG)

The DG is the most basic and general form of male-male competition which consists of a game where the objective is to create dependence in the competitor(s). DG strategies are most nakedly employed in academia.

Futuristic Nobleman

The Science of Nobility

Comparative Analysis and Findings on: The Y-Dominance effect, historical aristogenesis, the Proto-Semaglottic Hypothesis (on the origin of the symbolic language), & the Sumerian Origin Hypothesis. 

Grimes' Got Memes

Female Memetics

Using Grimes as a case study on female memetics, discussing the female memetic footprint, its evolutionary role, how it differs from the social antler, and what purpose it serves.

Evolution of Parenting

The Evolution of Parenting

Topics: The evolutionary purpose of parenting, microparenting vs macroparenting, gender differences in parenting, evolutionary return-on-investment, Evolutionary Value Inheritance model, familial branding & coalitions.

Evolutionary Theory of Currency (ETC)

Evolutionary Theory of Currency

ETC is an economic framework for understanding the legitimacy, adoption, and success of currencies within the context of human biology. It holds that currency derives its value from worldview.

Cold State Theory

Cold State Theory

CST is an evolutionary theory which holds that the theories of international relations are even more applicable to interfamilial relations. Families (and organizations) who act as “cold states” outcompete those who do not.

Sympatric Mating Strategies by Androtype

The Master Class

Intra-group gene war is a classist conflict as ubiquitous, consequential, and inevitable as inter-group gene war, i.e. religious competition. How classes emerge and how messianism is outgrowth of kleptogamy.